How to master our emotions

There are many questions that can be generated when trying to control our thoughts the way we want.

To achieve adjusting our thoughts, we must begin by the way we feel, in other words we have to control our feelings and emotions.

We must recognize that there are lots of people and companies with great interest in making you believe that external factors need to make you feel a certain way. The marketers spend billions of dollars each year to persuade you to buy their products to be happy, cool, trendy, popular, confident, successful … etc

Who do you think is the winner if you adopt that mentality?

When you understand that deep down, you have the ability to consciously direct your thoughts in order to create the feelings you want for your life. You’ll not enrich others wanting to feel good. If you can realize that you don’t need anything external to control and master your emotions, then you’ll have more self-control and thus a mastery over your emotional states.

And yeah! This skill will take some time to develop, but it’s one that can become a habit.

Imagine what you can do if at any moment you choose you could feel 100% confident!

For example, when speaking to many people in conference, or an examination or interview.

Cultivating the habit of triggering emotions from time to time can help us definitely to dominate our emotions and be ready at all times to handle situations.

An interesting question that can give us clarity on control of emotions is the following:

How would feel and react a person with complete mastery of his emotions, if wearing casual in a formal event?

The answer is very interesting: the person would hardly notice that is dressing different from others. He wouldn’t mind external factors. His emotions would be controlled simply because these lie in his mind.

The problem is not that the world controls your emotions: The problem is that you think it does.

Detaching yourself from this belief and understanding that you have the power to control how you feel at all times, no matter the circumstance, is the first step to mastering your emotions.

Events are neutral. What makes you feel in some way or another, is how you perceive these events, what you think of them, as you interpret them.

Once you grasp this, you can start taking the control. For example, faced with a disease, many people will feel terrible and it could cause depression on them, others however, will see the fact of leaving the disease as an obstacle and will commit to overcome it, and others may see it as an alert to reevaluate priorities in life and the best use we make of our time.

Feeling a certain way about any event in life is a conscious choice. If something bad happens, and you feel depressed, you can choose to change that feeling (interpretation of the event) and be grateful for the opportunity to know your weaknesses and take it as another excuse to improve.

You may have broken up with your girlfriend and feel suicidal emotions, or accept that it’s a step to grow as a person and achieve better things in life, taking advantage of what is around you, looking for new opportunities … etc.

As you may overcome it, it’s possible that your suicidal feelings lead you to death. It depends on you.

When you can get to the point in which you feel that external factors have nothing to do with the way you feel, you are finally free. This is a state of not being tied to any external element, with which you can discern consciously and take control of your thoughts and feelings without something or someone else.

Mastering your emotions is as simple as it may sound.

Do you dare to try it?




Effective ways to rise from the ashes

“Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpetual sadness, immobilized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.”Walter Anderson.


Every person in this world, has had his / her own adversity. There is no one who can tell that has lived all the life in a bed of roses.

Yes, there are people who are born in better families, better geographical locations and better environmental conditions in general. But believe me when I say that these people also have hard times.

And no more than the others, is almost an average rate that we all have in some way or another, problems or challenges that we must face, to get ahead.

Anyway, there will be times when we will just feel dejected and maybe we think we’ve finally hit rock bottom in our lives. But there are effective ways to basically arise from the ashes.

That is, there are elements that we can take into account to overcome setbacks and vigorously rise once more to face the future.

The best way to deal with things, is facing them. It is possible to overcome a difficulty, forgetting it and leaving it aside.  All you need to do is to face it, and grow to be stronger and bigger.

Focus On The Solution

Of course it’s difficult, of course there are problems, and nobody will deny that the pain is felt, and it’s something that’s not easy, on the contrary, it feels strong.

But… what about that? Are we going to stay and drown in the trouble then? Are we going to allow us to immerse ourselves under a blue ocean of tears?

What are you doing Minutes After A Fall?

Let’s think of the times you’ve dropped… What have you done after a few minutes? Have you been dejected there? If so, for sure you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

NO, what you have done is very different. You’ve stood up. You may have faced difficulties at doing it, but you did. You have endeavored to get back on track, despite the embarrassment to yourself and others.

So it’s time to avoid the excuse “It’s over, I do not try it anymore”

Think of a child learning to ride a bike. Do you think it will perfect the first time? Or do you think that he will fall from time to time ?.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if all children that fall desisted by using this famous excuse? Perhaps there wouldn’t be people on bikes today. Growing pains, and to be successful we need to grow. That simple.

Realize Your Current Situation

To move forward, you must know with certainty the place where you are right now. Simply if you do not know where you are, going anywhere is going to work. Are you in bankruptcy? Perfect! do not deny it, accept it and set a goal to improve and grow. But the first step is to             accept it.

It is impossible for you to progress and grow as a person if you do not have the ability to determine your situation and current status.



Just Act

Leave aside all those attitudes of laziness, lethargy and procrastination. If you keep waiting for everything to correct itself, you can wait your whole life. Superman will not come to save you, only you can save yourself!

Awake. It is time to act, it’s time to take control over your life and steer the ship of your expedition to success. Bon Voyage!